Reza Irani-Kermani – Black Pearl Capital

Reza Irani-Kermani was born in the city of Tehran, Iran and studied at a French School, Lycée Razi till 1980. He further pursued his higher education from the famous Complexe Scolaire de Valbonne, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne in France. This was the same institute from where he earned his International Baccalaureate. Reza then went to Birmingham in United Kingdom, to get along with his specialised education in Production Engineering and Commerce at the University of Birmingham. After getting his degree in Engineering, he started working with the Management Investment and Trade Ltd “MIT” in London at a Clerk position. Reza Irani himself got into the trading business in the year 1990 and soon became a General Manager in the year 1991 out of all the hard work and dedication. This was the time when he led MIT to become one of the biggest global trading entities in foreign exchange ,with a daily turnover of $11 Billion.

Reza Irani

By the year 1993, MIT was targeting the major Chinese markets for their future business and going by the same perspective, MKS sold a part of its business shares to Po Sang Bank. That was the time when Reza was heading the MIT’s London office but within no time he realized that MIT is not going to get much benefit whilst targeting the Chinese markets.

Reza Irani then got to lead the bullion and foreign exchange trading department and he served on to the same role until the year 1997 due to the 3 years contractual obligation laid on him by AMC. Reza Irani-Kermani then got associated with Abela Corporation as a proud board member to a big network of companies, including Sogeres SA. 

Reza Irani started his own trading firm named “Symphony’ with long term friend Abbas Jafarian. Apart from its major trading portfolios, Symphony was looking into the real estate asset management for a large MENA Fund. Their main function areas came as sourcing, organising, financing and property management of the primary assets.

After witnessing all the big success with Symphony, Reza Irani-Kermani and Abbas Jafarian launched Black Pearl Capital “BPC” in the year 2007 as one of their sole proprietary investment firms which was also involved in the management of certain major Real Estate deals in Eastern and Western Europe regions , whilst placing down their big investments in the Private Equity transactions across the globe.

Reza Irani and his friend then launched a Black Pearl Global Opportunity Fund “BPGOF” where they pooled in all the big investments from BPC Partners’ money.


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